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We find ourselves in an age of unanticipated isolation. Let us use this unexpected period of “retreat” to go deep to the root of our being, and nourish our heart and soul from wherever you happen to be. We are here to help facilitate that process.


Welcome friends. There is a saying of the Prophet Muhammad which states that faith began as a stranger and it will return in strange ways. And ours, surely, is a strange day. So many of us find ourselves in quarantine, with fear and anxiety all around. Yet we are not hopeless. The very traditions that we are rooted in promise us that love is more divine than hatred, that knowledge is more luminous than ignorance, that light is more divine than darkness. In this journey we are not alone: we have more than a thousand years of spiritual traditions to tap into, draw from, and be sustained by. These online courses are designed to reach deep into these life-giving traditions, and intellectually, spiritually, and aesthetically rejuvenate you. May we all emerge rejuvenated, nourished, sustained, rooted, and ready to bring the fruits of these inner journeys to heal a broken world.

Omid Safi

Founder and Main Instructor of Illuminated Courses

A gifted teacher:   Omid has been nominated 10-times for professor of the year awards. 

Award-winning author and public intellectual.   

Omid is currently a professor at Duke University specializing in Islamic spirituality and contemporary thought. 

The Sufi Path of Radical Love

The teachings shared here are rooted in the ancient Sufi tradition of Radical Love, the Mazhab-e ‘eshq.  This luminous current of Islamic mysticism begins with a bold claim: There is, ultimately, One Love.  

Love is not merely a sentiment, but the very unleashing of God on Earth. It's love that brought us here, and it will be love that will deliver us back Home. 

This Path of Radical Love is best exemplified through sages like Rumi, Hafez, Attar, and others we will be introducing you to in our courses.

Love & Justice

When Love moves out into the public square, we call it justice. When that same Love moves inward, we recognize it as tenderness.  
The same love calls us to be fierce in establishing the Beloved Community and yet tender in our intimate relationships.  

Here we will trace the prophetic legacies of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Rabbi Heschel, among others.

إِنَّ اللّهَ يَأْمُرُ بِالْعَدْلِ وَالإِحْسَانِ
This is God's command: justice & love.
Qur'an 16:90


From Rumi's poetry, to getting inside the heart of the Qur’an, to studying the lives of Muslim sages, Illuminated Courses are designed to enrich your life spiritually, aesthetically, and intellectually.


We are excited to share these teachings with you!