Insha'Allah, we are resuming our Tours to Morocco (April 2024) and Turkey (June 2024), Umrah (December 2024), and "The Rumi Retreat" in Andalusia (April 2024).
We are now ready to accept applications for all of the above programs.

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On our Morocco Illuminated Tours, you will learn about the spiritual teachings of the seven "friends of God", and how there is a profound connection to the spiritual legacy of the Prophet there.  We will have in depth discussions about the role of religion in private and public realms, the baraka of calligraphy and traditional arts, and the impact of colonialism.  Our Morocco tour features stays in traditional boutique hotels (Riads) which are interior garden homes that offer a serene retreat that beacons you to the inward.  

Our Morocco tours usually cover Fez, Marrakech, Rabat, and Moulay Idriss, along with a lovely evening in the desert in a serene oasis.  This year, the Morocco tour is co-led by Omid Safi & Courtney Erwin.

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Anyone can go to Turkey on their own. But when you join our Illuminated Tours journey, we will share with you secrets about this ancient and rich culture: When you are inside the Hagia Sophia, you will see what it has to do with the spirit of God. When inside the Sultanahmet Mosque (“Blue Mosque”), you will learn about what this mosque has to do with the spirit of the Prophet, and a powerful message of religious coexistence that is as relevant today as it was then.  

You be guided through a pilgrimage to Rumi's shrine in Konya, along with the sites associated with the order of the "Whirling Dervishes."   Meet with local Sufi teachers and musicians!

The Turkey Illuminated Tours is led by Omid Safi.

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