Taught by Omid Safi

Hello friends!  It is such a pleasure to invite you to join us on this journey to the heart of Rumi’s transformative poetry.   In this course, I will accompany you step by step through the most sublime of Rumi’s stories as a journey of healing from brokenness to illumination.   By the time we have shared this journey through Rumi's teachings, you will see why Rumi has so often been called the greatest mystic poet in history, and certainly a luminous beacon of the path of Love.

My own life has been enriched through a careful study of Rumi's teachings of love over the last thirty five years.   I am delighted to share with you the fruits of this study in an online format that anyone can access from anywhere in the world.   Join us!

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A thirsty man moans:
“O Precious water!” 

Water also moans:
“Who wants to drink me?”


If you are interested in this online course, chances are that you too have been moved and inspired by Rumi.  Perhaps you have been a lover of his poetry for years, perhaps you have only recently discovered him.    This course is a chance to dive deep into this ocean, and discover for your own heart pearls of meaning to bring light and beauty into your own life.   If you seek to rejuvenate and replenish your soul, join us on this study of Rumi’s poetry, ones that he calls “medicine for the heart.”

Who is Rumi?

What can one say?  There are those about whom we ask not who they are but what kind of being they are.  Rumi is such a luminous soul.   For us, he is a zenith of Islamic spirituality, the unveiler of the beauty of the Qur’an, the offspring of the soul of the Prophet Muhammad, and the definitive voice of the path of Radical Love.  In his own time, Christians called him the Second Christ, for it was in him that they came to see what Jesus’ love would have felt like.  How rare to find a soul who is at once a luminous mystic and a sublime poet, a masterful storyteller.  Join us to see who, and what, he is to you, and what his teachings can do for your life.



A Map of our Spiritual Journey

As you will see through this course, Rumi’s poetry is not so much a series of random stories, but a map of the spiritual journey that we can all undertake, moving from a state of brokenness and separation to one of healing and illumination.   This course will accompany you step by step and walk you through some of Rumi’s key stories and teachings from his masterpiece, the Masnavi

Why study Rumi with me?

Rumi’s poetry has brought me joy over the last 35 years, and I have been teaching his poetry for about 27 years. 

So many friends have told me that after studying Rumi with me, they felt like the poems “opened up” to them and for them, so that they could apply it to their own life.  I hope this course will do the same for you.

There are lots of book out there on Rumi.  Some of them are closer to and some further from what Rumi really said and taught.  You can rest assured that the teachings you’ll be receiving here come out of decades of close study of Rumi’s actual teachings in the original sources.  The goal of these Illuminated Courses is not to have a mere academic discussion, but to have a real transmission of Rumi’s teachings to your heart.

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Content & Format of the Course

This course will take you step by step through the first book of Rumi’s masterpiece, the Masnavi, which is among the most luminous of all mystical texts.

The course will move through twelve lessons, beginning where Rumi begins (humanity in the state of feeling cut off from our own worth, from each other, from the Sacred), and ending where Rumi ends (with the state of an illuminated being who is serene and secure, acting without reacting, and bringing healing and love into this world).  The lessons will build on one another, so that you see the connections Rumi is making, and anticipating the journey of the soul.  The goal is to see that ultimately everything Rumi is describing is taking place inside of you.   Rumi's poetry is not merely a parade of characters and stories, but your own soul moving through the stages of illumination and realization.

No background is needed.  You do not need to have any additional books purchased.  We will provide you with all the necessary materials. Bring your whole self, all of your experiences, all of your wisdom and insight, and all of your pain and vulnerability.

You will have 180 days of access to gently work your way through these lessons at your own pace, and if you like, to come back and revisit those earlier lessons within that time.  Let us begin this journey of love, together, with the first of these lessons.

Monthly online Gatherings: If you are interested in fellowship and live connection to fellow seekers, you may also sign up for our monthly online gatherings: Chai, Love & Prayer. Follow the link to sign up (not included in the registration for this course). We would love to have you join our community!

Come and share in the treasures
of Rumi's luminous path of love!

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